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Octagonal cartons is a new type of intermediate bulk container. The special design structure ensures that the cartons have the advantages such as collapsible, easy installation etc. All the materials are environmental and easy recycled. Traditional wooden box, metal box, metal bucket and container can be replaced by this type of new packaging container.


Capacity: 890L-949L

Load/unload type: top load top discharge, top load bottom discharge

Construction:  Hard corrugated paper board with an outer reinforced PP woven tube.

Liner : Food grade low density polyethylene

Spout: 2 inch food grade spout

Accessories: Pallet, Heating Pad according to different requirements of customers


Safe, Reusable, Recyclable, Environmental-friendly 

Biodegradable, 100% recyclable paper, can be recycled.

No Metal Component

Meet the requirements of no metal part in the transportation of food and chemicals.

Durable with High Strength

Seven layers of corrugated structure, no-load compressive strength of 8 tons;

Easy to discharge from top or bottom spout.


Could be stacked with 3 layers.

Easy Assembling

Easy assembling within 10mins.

No Cleaning

Single-Use, no needs for cleaning.

Comparision with Rigid IBC, Wood, Steel Box

•  Low purchasing cost

•  Low labor charge

•  Efficient use of space

•  Convenient post-process

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