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LAF Packaging---professional liquid packaging logistics service provider


With more than ten years of transporting non-hazardous liquid, we always place the safety as the priority while being equipped with professional operation team and packaging logistic solution. All these are aimed to make the transportation more safe and professional. As is well known, LAF is a professional liquid packaging logistic service provider. So what is specifically about? Just take the following as one of example.   

1、Professional liquid packaging solution 


The safe and economical form of packaging is based on overall analysis of the transporting cargo. For instance, the analyzed density, temperature, and loading capacity help to figure out the volume and structure of the flexitank. 

2、Strict and careful preliminary measure. 


Since the cooking is made, the inspection starts. After examining the cargo in terms of its characters, we, along with the shipper check the whole voyage including the ship transferring to destination port. And we advise clients of marine document concerned according to international shipping regulations


 3、Safe and environmental friendly logistic solution

We design the logistic plan while checking the description of the transporting cargo.


LAF has a high quality and professional team with rich experience in multimodal liquid transport. We already have had the long-time partnership with shippers, air shippers, railroads and overseas agents. With such superior resources, we customize the safe and sufficient transporting solution. Each cargo logistics are built on the one-on-one communication and coordination with customers and shipper. We strictly conform to the regulations of custom, maritime and storage.  

4、Standard operating procedure(SOP): packaging, transporting and service integration

 LAF ‘s cargo transport is equipped with a copy of SOP. The SOP includes: logistic plan, on-site guidance, container condition control, booking, trucking, shipping bill, custom, real-time logistics follow-up, discharging guidance, recycling, emergency response. The SOP must be printed and saved and keep backup of The electronic files

 5、HSE management and training


HSE stands for Health, safety and environment.


LAF HSE management and training assists the SOP standards and norms to provide the professional training and management for every personnel in all aspects. For instance, the choice of containers, training for field operator and vehicle, fitting and discharging training. All is aimed to make sure the operation is safe and secure.   

6、Real-time logistics dynamic follow-up

 LAF customer service operation promise the continuous query for the transporting cargo and master the real-time situation with the aim that the cargo is timely taken, discharging and returned when reaching to the destination.

 7、Response to the emergency accident


LAF has an established global service network covering more than 30 countries like Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Australia, South America, Ukraine and 50 base ports. In the domestic market, we have offices in the North east, East China, Guang Xi, Guang Dong, Zhe Jiang, Shang Hai, and establish service branch in Xin Jiang, Shang Xi, He Nan, He Bei, Tian Jian. We are capable of offering the fast and effective service of 24h door to door, pre-sales and after-sales and emergency response.     

8、Continuous improvement and innovation

 LAF has close and strict retrospection mechanism. In collecting the quality data and feedback, we search and analyze the uncertain factor and potential cause to constantly improve and innovate.   


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