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BIB water

At present, there are three kinds of mainstream household drinking water in the market:

tap water, direct drinking water and bottled water, now we can discuss about the features and difference between these three kinds of water.

First of all, tap water is a kind of domestic and production water which in accordance with the criteria. It must pass the purification and disinfection by the water treatment plants. But in China, half of the headwaters are polluted by hundreds of organic chemicals and metal ion. It is likely to lead to fluorine, iron, manganese and other heavy metals in excess of the standards. What is more, ordinary families like to boil drinking water, it just can realize sterilization and disinfection, the organic chemical and other heavy metal are still remain in the water. It is bad for our health for long-time drinking tap water.

Secondly, let us talk about the direct drinking water. With the pursuit of the healthy drinking-water, more and more families choose to install water purifier. After filtrated by the water purifier, the direct drinking water looks clearer than the common tap water, drinks more better. Although the direct drinking water is cleaner, there are little beneficial trace elements and nutritional ingredient in the tap water always restricted by the problem of urban pollution.


The last one is bottled water. It is not new on the combination of traditional bottled water and water dispenser. In recent years, it is common for the media keep reporting the event of fake water and black barrel. The bottled water faces the universal problem of “Secondary contamination”. The key points leading to this problem include climate,environment and peopleware in the process of water carriage. What is more, there is another problem that it will lead to repeated boiling when heat the water. As the water boiling for a long time, the content of non-volatile matter in the water such as calcium,magnesium, other heavy metal and nitrite will be heavier. If we drink this kind of water regularly, it will interfere of the our gastrointestinal function, and lead to temporary diarrhea and abdominal distension. The toxic nitrite will also cause hypoxic, spasm, coma, even death. 

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